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Project Manager for Integration Projects

Aprico est à la recherche d’un IT Project Leader pour une mission à Namur. La mission principale sera d’upgrader et élargir la plate-forme...
Published: 11-06-2019
Publication status:New Opportunity

Infrastructure Architect

Aprico Consultants est à la recherche d’un Architect Infrastructure sur Namur afin de soutenir et gérer des projets Windows.
Published: 07-06-2019
Publication status:New Opportunity

System Engineer SAP HANA

Actuellement, nous sommes à la recherche d’un System Engineer SAP BC expert et certifié HANA pour renforcer les équipes SAP-BC et SAP-IAM actuellement en place....
Published: 06-06-2019
Publication status:New Opportunity

.NET Software Engineer with interest in Integration Projects

We are looking for an experienced .NET Software Engineer with a specialty in back-end development to join our core team specialized in Microsoft technologies and Integration for a long-term...
Published: 06-06-2019
Publication status:New Opportunity

HR Assistant (Stagiaire)

Nous recherchons un(e) stagiaire pour renforcer notre équipe en tant qu’assistante RH.
Published: 08-05-2019
Publication status:Urgent Requirement

.NET Software Engineer

We are looking for an experienced .NET Software Engineer who is interested in a real technical challenge. Region Brussels and Namur.
Published: 05-05-2019
Publication status:Permanent Request

Business Analyst

Aprico Consultants is permanently looking for Business Analysts to strengthen our team for multiple projects and for various sectors.
Published: 03-05-2019
Publication status:Permanent Request

Project Manager

Aprico Consultants is permanently looking for Project Managers who will take the lead of several business/IT projects in the public or private sector.
Published: 02-05-2019
Publication status:Permanent Request

Proactive Application

Didn’t you find a match for the position you are looking for? Aprico Consultants is always interested in your story. Don’t hesitate to send us your resume.
Published: 01-05-2019
Publication status:Permanent Request
Match Criteria

Customer focus

We commit to the client and do what it takes to get the job done.


We work in a people business and demand the highest ethical standards of ourselves, personally and professionally.


We apply ourselves successfully in cross-functional teams in a people-friendly environment.


We strive for a quality process with constant improvements.

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